Before and After Grooming — Pet Portraiture in Rapid Crook, NT
There are enough toxins and artificial ingredients in the world today. Plush Pets understand that it's not only humans who suffer from exposure to harmful chemicals and synthesised lotions and potions... even our furry friends are affected.

Dogs, cats and other mammals are just as sensitive to chemicals and toxins as we are. In many cases, even chemicals that are considered "safe" for humans should never be put on or in your pet.

Yet today, reading the ingredients of many pet shampoos, conditioners and treatments, it's like trying to read a third-year chemistry students' final exam paper. Symbols, scientific names and numbers hide what the ingredients really are... some of these chemicals can cause a bad reaction and cause irritation to your pets skin at the very least.

Using the very best of science and nature, Plush Pets ensure that the only thing that your pet is exposed to in our care is love!